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French farmers from Bretagne again in Poland

Like a year ago, Welcome Tourist prepared a trip for two groups of French farmers, fruit and vegetable growers from northern France.
In the interval of one week, we hosted two groups of vegetable producers in October. This time the destination was the region of Mazovia. Welcome Tourist organized visits to large companies producing fruit and vegetables. Visits to Fruit Family and Top-Fruit two big companies producing apples in the largest orchard in Europe, a meeting with the producers organisation “Fruit Union” and the largest producer of raspberry tomato in Poland, the Vegapol company with their 50 ha greenhouses made a great impression. The groups also visited the Łowicz region, where they visited the vegetable processing plant belonging to Urbanek brothers and local producers of cabbage and cauliflower. The program also included visits to the Jabłoński family's farm producing edible flowers, herbs and exotic vegetables for the best Warsaw restaurants and the Stec family farm selling their organic products on the Internet. The groups also had the opportunity to visit Warsaw with a local guide.